$OASIS has a variety of utilities for holders to benefit from.

Free Strip Club Entry

All players must have a premium membership to enter the strip club. Players that connect their crypto wallet are granted premium simply by holding $OASIS.

Minimum Holdings (to enter): 10,000 $OASIS

  1. Go to the the login screen, and click "Connect Wallet"

  2. Select from the menu of 20+ crypto wallet options

  3. Authorize connection in your wallet of choice

  4. Enter the club free of charge

Buy Credits Using $OASIS

The Oasis Strip Club offers in-game credits, which allow players to buy emotes, private sessions, and more within the club. Currently users can only buy in-game credits using the ATMs within the club with a credit/debit card. Soon players will be able to purchase in-game credits using $OASIS.

Available Pole Emotes

  1. Flash Me (15 Credits)

  2. Titty Bounce (10 Credits)

  3. Wiggle (Free)

  4. Twerk Show (Free)

  5. Spank Me (Free)

Available Private Room Sessions

  1. Lap Dance (20 Credits)

  2. Blow Job (35 Credits)

  3. Missionary (50 Credits)

  4. Doggy Style (50 Credits)

  5. Cow Girl (50 Credits)

Earn With Your NFT

Holders of Oasis NFTs are soon able to assign their NFT stripper to a pole inside the club. Tips received (in Oasis Credits) can then be exchanged for $OASIS in the near future. The NFTs will be integrated in stages, with the first phase rolling out in mid-December of 2023.


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