Learn about the LatinX Metaverse.


In late 2024, the Oasis Strip Club will be fully released. Each Oasis NFT will be linked to an in-game character where holders will be able to earn in-game credits. The game itself will be web-based meaning anyone with access to a computer is able to enter the Oasis.

The lobby area for the game is located directly outside of the Strip Club doors, with bouncers requesting payment by purchasing a premium subscription or simply by holding $OASIS.

Inside The Club

Once inside the Oasis Strip Club, players are able to roam freely and watch their favorite virtual strippers dance on a number of poles. Each stripper is unique, with a variety of different hairstyles, outfits, skin tones, and other detailed accessories.

Players may request a specific "emote" on the pole from a stripper of their choice. Each emote will cost a certain amount of in-game credits for the stripper to perform.

The club also has private rooms for players that choose to buy lap dances, private sessions, and more. Players can simply go up to a stripper roaming around the club or currently on the pole, then choose from a variety of options.

VR Compatibility

After the full release of the Oasis Strip Club, VR compatibility will begin development. Once complete, players may enter the club with a VR headset, allowing them to access a full 360 degree immersive experience. This will bring the "Metaverse" aspect to the Oasis Strip Club.

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