$OASIS carefully decided it's tokenomics to ensure the longterm growth and sustainability of the project. Previously $OASIS was launched as "LX Coin" on the Binance Smart Chain. After months of progressive development and a relaunch on the Ethereum chain as $OASIS, the project has decided to airdrop previous holders via vested lock, disbursed throughout the next 3 months.


Name: Oasis Metaverse

Symbol: $OASIS

Supply: 100,000,000

Taxes: 5% Buy/Sell (for marketing & development)

Presale Launch: October 15th, 6pm UTC

Token Supply

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Presale: 35,000,000

Uniswap: 17,850,000

Airdrop Reserves (Locked): 11,500,000

Exchanges (Locked): 10,000,000

Community Growth (Locked): 5,000,000

Partnerships (Locked): 5,000,000

Team (Locked): 5,000,000

Marketing (Locked): 5,000,000

Dead/Burnt: 5,000,000

Owner Reserves: 650,000

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