Integrated blockchain technology.


The Oasis Strip Club has strategically implemented blockchain technology to ensure the ecosystems remains sustainable. There will be multiple Ethereum integrations including an in-game cryptocurrency ($OASIS), NFT strippers, and various smart contracts embedded within the game allowing crypto transactions to take place.


$OASIS will facilitate in-game transactions at a lighting speed. By utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, the game allows for fast transaction speeds, low fees, and an overall stable ecosystem. There will be 100,000,000 $OASIS tokens minted, with the specific token metrics being defined on this page.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Oasis NFTs will allow holders to earn passive income by assigning their NFT stripper to a specific pole within the Oasis Strip Club. Each NFT will earn in-game credits whenever a user tips or purchases a private session with their stripper.

Smart Contracts

Think of a smart contract as the brain of the LatinX Metaverse. The Oasis Strip Club will require multiple smart contracts to ensure the game and ecosystem within it functions properly. This includes a unique smart contract to facilitate transactions being made via the in-game ATM and also when checking a user's $OASIS balance when first enering the club.

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