Please note this roadmap is subject to change at any given time. These are not guaranteed promises, this roadmap it should only be used as a general outline to our current vision and plans.

Phase 1 (Nov 2022 - June 2023)

[1] Gameplan & Strategy

An in-depth blueprint for the project is created, planning out the next year of development for both blockchain and Unity game development.

[2] Website Creation

The first version of the official project website is created, allowing players to learn more about the project and it's vision overall.

[3] Team Creation & Expansion

The development team is recruited and established to further develop the project. Immediate steps to begin the creation of the strip club take place.

[4] Community Growth

Telegram and Twitter accounts are created to begin welcoming new members into the project's community. Moderators and admins ensure these channels continuosly update the community as the project advances.

[5] $LX BSC Launch

The original token ($LX) is launched on the Binance Smart Chain in November of 2022, establishing a community of holders and believers in the project. $LX was the original name of the crypto, but is now been changed to $OASIS.

[6] Alpha Game Development

After building the foundation, the project begins to advance into it's alpha development stage. This includes the creation of a playable build for all community members to test.

[7] NFT Launch

The first round of 150 NFTs are launched on the Ethereum network, in preparation for later stages of game development. These NFTs were originally launched as "LatinX", which will later be rebranded to "Oasis".

[8] Alpha Game Release

The V1 alpha version of the strip club is released to the public for initial testing, allowing anyone with a laptop or PC to enter the game. This includes a basic shell of the club, with minimal backend functionality.

Phase 2 (June 2023 - Oct 2023)

[1] Beta Game Development

The beta release for the strip club begins development, including improved backend functionality, creation of in-game characters, additional player controls and more.

[2] Fiat & AI Integration

Fiat payments are integrated into the game, to prepare for web-2 advertising on adult content websites. AI is also added to ensure a smooth user experience when interacting with in-game strippers.

[3] Company Rebranding

In attempt to expand the project's target audience, the company rebrands from "LatinX" to "Oasis Metaverse". This allows for a broader appeal and additional opportunities when marketing the strip club.

[4] Website Redesign

To complement the rebrand, the official website is redesigned to ensure players fully understand the objective of the Oasis Metaverse.

[5] V1 Beta Game Release

Beta access is released to the public, allowing players to interact with a limited amount of strippers within the club. Players are restricted to the waiting room until after the official launch of $OASIS.

[6] $OASIS Ethereum Presale

The official cryptocurrency for the Oasis Metaverse is deployed and available for presale on GemPad.

[7] Public Launch ($OASIS)

The public launch of $OASIS allows the token to be publicly tradeable on Uniswap, with more exchanges being added soon after launch.

[8] V2 Beta Game Release

The new beta release will integrate the $OASIS token into the game, allowing holders to access the ATM to purchase in-game credits. This build is scheduled to go live in early November of 2023.

Phase 3 (Nov 2023 - Dec 2024)

[1] Twitter + TG Marketing

Marketing will commence with the goal of increase the community's strength and size. This will include KOLS/Channels on both Twitter and Telegram to further raise awareness of $OASIS.

[2] Official Beta Game Release

The new beta release will add $OASIS as a payment method within the game, allowing players to purchase in-game credits using the project's native cryptocurrency. This build will also include improved graphics and new features within the game.

[3] Artificial Intelligence Integration

Each exotic dancer (stripper) will be customized based on their appearance and nationality. All dancers will be given unique personalities and AI voices allowing players to better connect with their favorite strippers.

[4] Influencer Partnerships

To further market the Oasis Strip Club, partnerships with influencers across all social media platforms will begin. This includes Instagram Models, Twitter KOLs, and other individuals/pages with a presence that alligns with Oasis.

[5] Adult Website Marketing

The Oasis Strip Club will begin marketing on adult content websites, including Pornhub. This will expand the awareness of the game, with the goal of increasing monthly reccuring revenue for the project itself.

[6] NFT Stripper Integration

NFT holders will have the option to "assign" their stripper to a pole within the Oasis Strip Club, generating in-game credits passively. In-game credits recieved as tips to their stripper can later be exchanged for $OASIS.

[7] Official Game Release

The Oasis Strip Club will officially release to the public, with all previously planned features developed within the game. This includes making it rain, multiple private room options, in-game display settings, multiplayer compatibility, and more.

[8] Paid Ad Scaling

Paid advertisements and influencer promotions will begin the scaling process, after successfully testing for positive results. This includes additional funds towards advertisements on adult content websites and with social media influencers.

[9] Initiate VR Compatibility

VR compatibility will begin development, allowing players to enter the Oasis Strip Club using a VR headset. This allows for a true "Metaverse" experience, connecting millions of players worldwide.

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