Our Vision

We take pride in the long term vision of Oasis.

The Oasis is a digital strip club, created to provide an oasis; a safe and peaceful space, where players can interact with exotic dancers from around the digital world. We aim to build the world's first metaverse strip club with digitalized individuals, ranging from fantasy characters to well known celebrities. This entails the creation and implementation of eventually thousands of beautiful 3D dancers within the game. Players are able to join an online world of blissful imagination made real, allowing anyone to interact with any exotic dancer(s) of their choice. From pole dances to doggy-style, the possibilities are endless in the Oasis.

The End Goal

Our mission is to implement both fantasy and real-world celebrities into the Oasis Metaverse, creating a digital version of them inside the game. This allows their audience to interact and even decide to get intimate with them inside a digital world, accessible by computer. Each celebrity is uniquely customized based on their real-world personality and physical appearance. Using artificial intelligence, players are able to chat with these celebrities as they dance to various genres of music inside the metaverse strip club. Select dancers will give players the option for experience a more intimate session inside the "private room", an enclosed area where the player can take things to the next level.

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